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January 07, 2008

FOX Debate Sunday: Romney Goes on Attack Against Huckabee

Romney might not be dead yet:
Mitt Romney's strategy of targeting his Republican rivals may have finally succeeded in ruffling at least one, Michael Huckabee.

Mr. Romney jumped right out of the gate at a GOP debate last night in attacking his top competitors on tax-and-spend issues, and he accused the usually quick-witted Mr. Huckabee in particular of dodging the truth.

"You make up facts faster than you talk, and that's saying something," Mr. Romney told Mr. Huckabee as they sat side-by-side in a Fox News forum.

The two were debating their respective records as governors, in which they have repeatedly tried to fend off the criticism that they resorted to tax hikes to close budget gaps and fund new spending.

Mr. Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, appeared uncomfortable in the intimate and free-wheeling format that Fox set up last night. He and Mr. Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts, were seated literally elbow-to-elbow at the center of a table, and Mr. Romney used the arrangement to needle Mr. Huckabee on the issues, asking him direct questions that proved impossible to ignore.

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