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January 05, 2008

New Hampshire Presidential Debate 1-5-07

This is an analysis of the Presidential debate for both the Republicans and Democrats held in Manchester, New Hampshire on 1-5-07.

- Read the transcript for the Republican part of debate here. or the Democrats

Just before the start of the debate ABC reported that Obama is tied with Hillary in New Hampshire. She is toast. The same poll had McCain well ahead of Romney. The Saturday winner of the Wyoming Caucus is toast if the poll result trend continues.

First up...the Republicans:

- The first question was posed to Huckabee on his "bunker mentality" remark. And, of course, the Iowa winner gave a disjointed response that was ridiculed by Thompson, who was next up.

- Romney gave a good response on fighting terrorism. He believes part of the solution is educating the Islamic world.

- Ron Paul was attacked from all corners when he talked about his views on Islam.
- Huckabee gave a tough response to Romney on his views on the same subject. They both went after each other on the question of who supported the President and the Iraq war.

- Giuliani made a big gaffe by arguing that the Palestinian attack on the Israelis during the Munich Olympics was part of an early Islamic pattern of terrorism. The truth is that the Palestinian terrorists that carried out that terrible attack were not Islamic. I wonder if that false historical comparison will be pointed out by the press.

- On the question of why there are so many people are uninsured. Giuliani gives the typical conservative response arguing that the U.S. has the best health care system i n the world. He then makes the ridiculous argument that the solution is for people to buy their own insurance. Romney gave a good response on the health insurance question. He is the only candidate who actually has a successful record in passing legislation.

- Romney was attacked by McCain on the immigration. Romney seems to be the punching tonight. He has in fact become a laughing stock after his defeat in Iowa. The other candidates during the debate repeatedly ridiculed Romney. Giuliani made a joke at the expense of the former Massachusetts Governor that mocking laughter from the audience.
- Thompson went after Giuliani and his record on immigration.

- Giuliani made a good point on energy independence. He says we have to launch a program like that the one that took us to the moon. He unfortunately used examples such nuclear power and clean coal. He pointed out that its been talked about for decades but hasn't been done. Romney asserted that we won't be energy independent within 10 years. He called that being frank with the American people.

- At the end of the Republican debate Charles Gibson asked the Democrats to join the Republicans on the stage. It was a dramatic moment with plenty of hugging by candidates from both parties.

Then the Democrats:
- Obama defended himself on his health care proposals from Hillary; they went at. Hillary attacked Obama on his supposed flip-flops. That is the strategy that the press has reported Hillary was going to take as a last ditch effort to save her candidacy. Obama effectively parried her blows.
- Edwards came to Obama's defense. He lashed out at Hillary and her accused of being the establishment. Hillary retaliated in a very angry voice. Her claws came out. She sounded frustrated but authoritatively.

- One question about likability got big applause from Hillary's response. She feigned being hurt by the question contrasting her with the Illinois Senator. Later on Obama got similar laughter with a football reference. Once again Obama holds his own.

- Hillary sounded like John Edwards tonight, very angry. It might have the best thing for her. She didn't sounded her typical programmed self. She also took on a new role as the underdog. Repeatedly she attacked Obama's record. I think she realizes if she loses in New Hampshire it's over.

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