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October 07, 2007

Retired General, Clinton Supporter: Hillary Does not Oppose Iraq War

Oops! I think this retired General has inadvertently exposed Hillary's ambiguous position on the Iraq war. First she voted for the war, then refused to renounce her vote. Now she refuses to promise to remove troops by the end of her first term, if elected president. This is all very Clintonesque. She's trying to have it both ways. And based on the polls, the strategy is working:
A top military supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid says she doesn't "oppose" the Iraq war - and neither does Clinton.

Oh yes, she does, Team Clinton said Saturday, rushing to overrule its own backer.

"I have not ever heard [Clinton] say, 'I oppose the war,'" retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, the first woman promoted to three-star Army general, told the Manchester, N.H., Union-Leader newspaper as she visited the early-voting state to stump for the New York senator.

"I've heard her say that we need to begin withdrawal. ... I've heard her say we need to create a regional stabilizing group by allies, by leaders in the world and by all of the states that are bordering Iraq," Kennedy continued.

"That's a much more sophisticated thing than saying, 'I oppose the war.'"

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