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October 07, 2007

Iraq Embassy Cost Rises $144 Million Amid Project Delays

Wasn't this predictable? The new embassy, which will end up being the biggest in the world, will end up being the most costly. The Iraq war has been one big cost overrun. And why such a large embassy? Why build such a large embassy in a country we are occupying, unless you entend on staying indefinitely. Or maybe Mr.Bush wants to show that he can waste money like Saddam Hussein did when he built all those palaces. We might never know for sure. I don't think anyone can read Bush's mind. All we know is that the Iraq war has been one big black hole for U.S. tax dollars:
The massive U.S. embassy under construction in Baghdad could cost $144 million more than projected and will open months behind schedule because of poor planning, shoddy workmanship, internal disputes and last-minute changes sought by State Department officials, according to U.S. officials and a department document provided to Congress.

The embassy, which will be the largest U.S. diplomatic mission in the world, was budgeted at $592 million. The core project was supposed to have been completed by last month, but the timetable has slipped so much that the State Department has sought and received permission from the Iraqi government to allow about 2,000 non-Iraqi construction employees to stay in the country until March.

How ironic that the embassy is now expected to be finished by early 2009, which is when Mr.Bush leaves office. It's a good thing the president vetoed the SCHIP bill, which means more money to pay for the the embassy cost overrun.

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