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October 04, 2007

CIA 'Secret Sites' Detention Program Still Active

No Gonzales, no problem. The fascist-in-chief is still in control, and he doesn't believe he can be stopped:
A secret CIA overseas detention programme revealed by President George W Bush last year is still active and has held at least one al Qaeda militant since then, a US official said.

The official confirmed the detention as the White House skirted around whether the agency had begun using secret sites again and insisted that the United States does not torture.

The New York Times reported the CIA was again holding prisoners at "black sites" overseas, and that the Justice Department under then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had issued a secret opinion in 2005 that endorsed the harshest interrogation techniques ever used by the CIA.
Tell me how this is not impeachable, again:
The New York Times said the Justice Department's secret 2005 memo differed sharply from a public legal opinion in December 2004 that declared torture "abhorrent."

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