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October 03, 2007

Iran Could Strike U.S. by 2015, U.S. Officials Say

Is this headline propaganda or what? Who really believes that the Iranians are a military threat to the U.S. Fox, and their masters at the White House, believe they can once again get away with propaganda, the way they did prior to the Iraq war. Then again, maybe they are right. Will the American people allow themselves to be brainwashed again:
But a successful test of a missile defense program completed last week is giving military leaders more confidence that an airborne attack from Iran can be thwarted — if the United States is able to convince Europe to go along with the plans to build an anti-missile system there against strong Russian opposition.

"Most of the intelligence experts predict that sometime before 2015, or in that time frame, the Iranians will have developed the capabilities to threaten the United States, from a missile technology perspective, "Lt. Gen. Henry Obering, chief of the U.S. missile defense program, said Tuesday in a Pentagon interview with FOX News. Of concern Obering said is Iran's ability to take shorter range technology and improving it to longer and longer ranges.

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