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October 21, 2007

12 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack

Where is the administration on all this? Do we need another war breaking out it in the Middle East? Isn't the administration against foreign governments meddling in the domestic affairs of Iraq? And what about the terrorist PKK? Shouldn't the administration call for dismantling this terrorist organization? Not the right type of terrorists, I guess:
At least 12 Turkish soldiers were killed in an ambush by Kurdish militants shortly after midnight on Sunday, in an audacious attack that sharply increased the pressure on Turkey’s government to send troops into northern Iraq.

A group of Kurdish fighters moved into Turkey from northern Iraq, the Turkish military said, and attacked Turkish soldiers based near the town of Hakkari, about 25 miles from the border, in three different locations, killing 12 and injuring another 16. Turkish soldiers then struck back, firing from helicopters and from the ground, killing at least 23 militants, according to the military, which provided its account in a statement.

[...]At the time, Turkish officials emphasized that they would not immediately apply the authority, and security experts said the resolution would be used mainly as political leverage to press the United States and its Iraqi Kurdish allies to act against the Kurdish militants, the Kurdistan Workers Party, known by its initials, the P.K.K.

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