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October 18, 2007

Clinton Raises More from Wall St. Than Republicans

Many Democrats really believe that Hillary would be the champion of the working/middle class. Reality is that big business, whom fund her campaign, are the ones who will benefit from another Clinton administration. The fact that she outraises Republicans on Wall St. disproves the myth the Republicans are the party of big business. Both parties are:
In the halls of high finance, Hillary Clinton’s stock seems to be rising.

In the latest quarter, Ms. Clinton tapped into a gusher of donations from employees at the major investment banks. According to an analysis by Bloomberg, she picked up $748,896 from workers at Wall Street firms from July to September, which is more than the combined amount raised by Barack Obama, Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney from those sources. It is also a switch from the second quarter, when Mr. Obama was the top Wall Street fundraiser, pulling in $739,579 to Clinton’s $424,545.

[...]Mr. Mack (who supported President Bush in the previous election) held a fund-raising event for Ms. Clinton in July, and the checkbooks must have been flying. The latest data show that Morgan Stanley was her largest source of Wall Street money, adding $210,970 to her coffers.

In its calculations, Bloomberg looked at donations from employees of the top 10 Wall Street firms, as measured by underwriting of United States stock offerings.

Compared to Ms. Clinton’s haul, the Republican candidates got relatively small sums from Wall Street in the third quarter. Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, brought in $149,925 from Wall Street sources, and Mr. Romney raised $133,875, according to Bloomberg’s analysis.

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