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October 17, 2007

Hillary Too 'Corrupt' for 'Elective Office': American Spectator

American Spectator has been an ardent critic of Slick Billary since they came to Washington in 1993. They've consistently exposed the corruption of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. Now we are on the verge of electing one of these gangsters to the presidency, again:
Those are the words of the (very) liberal New York Observer in a 2001 editorial. Ultra-liberal New York Times columnist Bob Herbert added that Hillary's husband Bill Clinton "is so thoroughly corrupt it is frightening." It is, of course, almost impossible to separate Bill from Hillary in this regard, because their careers are so intertwined and because so many of the corruptions in Clinton's past specifically involved projects on which Hillary was actively involved.

Both Herbert and the Observer were specifically responding to former President Clinton's tawdry abuse of his pardon power as he left office. Hillary's fingerprints were all over them, too, particularly since her own brothers were massively involved in peddling some of the pardons. Both Clintons also were involved with questionable efforts to claim White House belongings for their own, moving the leftist New York Times editorialists to lament that they would "never understand the process by which a departing president and his wife come to put sofas and flatware ahead of the acute sense of propriety that ought to go with high office."

[...]The truth is that Pardongate and the other end-of-presidency improprieties were child's play compared to the vast record of Hillary's joint misdeeds with her spouse -- and this is not including any that had anything directly to do with sex.

Still, for instance, there is no honest explanation for Hillary's killing in the cattle futures market, when she made about $100,000 very quickly on a $1,000 investment just at the time when brokers appeared to be curiously post-dating and probably re-allocating trades to benefit favored clients.

Then there was Whitewater, somehow written off by the big media as irrelevant even though the investigation landed about a dozen convictions of (mostly) close Clinton associates, even though the Clintons both benefited financially from the whole imbroglio, and even though Hillary's own Rose Law Firm was hip-deep in the whole mess -- as was shown when the infamous firm billing records mysteriously and belatedly showed up in a spare White House office, reportedly with Hillary's fingerprints (real, not figurative) all over them.

Read the entire American Spectator article.

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