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October 27, 2007

Bush: Democrats Wasting Time on SCHIP

Congress should be spending their time preparing for war with Iran, and continuing the quagmire in Iraq:
President Bush said yesterday that congressional Democrats are "wasting time"passing legislation to expand children's health coverage that they know he will veto, and he also said lawmakers are dragging their feet on a slew of other bills and one key nomination.

"This is not what congressional leaders promised when they took control of Congress earlier this year," the president said. "In January, one congressional leader declared, and I quote: 'No longer can we waste time here in the Capitol, while families in America struggle to get ahead.'"

If Congress spends billions more, if not trillions, on war in Iraq we'd be helping those struggling families:
Congress has not yet passed any of the dozen spending bills that fund the federal government, but has taken time to mull a nonbinding resolution defining as genocide the mass killings of Armenians in the closing days of the Ottoman Empire.

"Today Congress set a record they should not be proud of: October the 26th is the latest date in 20 years that Congress has failed to get a single annual appropriations bill to the president's desk," he said in a terse statement to reporters in the White House's Roosevelt Room.

The president does have a point about the do-nothing Congress, whether Republican or Democatic controlled. They've allowed this bully of a President to give him what he wanted:
"President Bush — the biggest-spending president in 40 years — threatens to veto our requests based on the laughable claim that he is fiscally responsible," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: "The president would rather spend another $200 billion in Iraq and leave our children to pick up the tab."

So get moving on giving me more tanks and bombs to kill lots of a bad people:
"They have yet to act on our emergency war funding supplemental — even though our troops on the front lines depend on these vital funds to fight our enemies and to keep us safe at home," he said.

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