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September 27, 2007

Hillary Flip-Flops, Contradicts Bill - & Herself - in N.H. Debate

It turns out Hillary was lying when she argued gainst torture, contradicting her hubby. How does she get away with these constant prevarications. I know she is following the Bill Clinton playbook, but she is no Bill. The idiots in the audience last night cheered when she expressed her belief contradicting hubby, which turns out to be a view she's held:
Sen. Hillary Clinton scored with a Democratic audience last night by contradicting her husband's belief that a terrorist could be tortured to foil an imminent plot - but what observers didn't know is she was contradicting herself, too.

[...]Last October, Clinton told the Daily News: "If we're going to bepreparing for the kind of improbable but possible eventuality, then it has to be done within the rule of law."

She said then the "ticking time bomb" scenario represents a narrow exception to her opposition to torture as morally wrong, ineffective and dangerous to American soldiers.

"In the event we were ever confronted with having to interrogate a detainee with knowledge of an imminent threat to millions of Americans, then the decision to depart from standard international practices must be made by the President, and the President must be held accountable," she said.

Clinton's campaign did not immediately respond to numerous requests for comment on the eye-popping contradiction.

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