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September 26, 2007

Neocon Hillary Refuses to Answer Questions During Debate

Less than half way into the debate on MSNBC tonight, front runner Hillary is showing her Neocon credentials. She refuses to commit to removing all troops from Iraq by the end of her first term, if elected president. She also defended the recent Israeli attack on Syria. Then arrogantly (just like Bush did during his recent press conference) refused to answer the question on whether Israel should be free to attack Iran. Hillary tonight is showing she would be different when it comes to Iraq, Iran, and the Middle East. She would a pawn of the neocons and the Israeli lobby.

To be fair, none of the other major candidates refused to answer the question on Israel. They are all afraid of the powerful "Lobby."

Update, 10:15pm: Now Hillary totally refused to answer another question. This time on whether she would raise the salary cap on the social security tax. She gave and kept repeating a generalized, vacuous statement on "fiscal responsibility." Tim Russert made several efforts to get an answer on the question. She just keeps repeating the same phrase: "fiscal responsibility." It's incredible how stubornly she insists on "not negotiating" what she would do. What does that mean? She is stuck on stupid. Apparently she can't get past her talking points, which makes her sound like a robot with a fuse malfunction. Obama, for the record, answered the question. Does it matter, though?

Final analysis:
Chris Matthews is beside himself with contempt for Hillary's flip-flops tonight. On her final question of the evening, Hillary gave a typical Clintonian response. Billary was asked who she would cheer if the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees made the World Series (she is a fan of both teams since she grew up in Illinois and obviously represents NY State in the Senate). Hillary's response was that she would take turns cheering for both teams.

For the first time Hillary did not win a debate. Some analysts (after the debate)kept saying that she was acting as if she had already been elected president. They also agreed that Obama did not do what he had to make up ground. I agree. He is too much of a gentleman. Ms.Clinton is obviously trying to play safe. It might just be the opening the other candidates need. At least one analysts thinks Edwards might have made inroads tonight. Chris Matthews agrees.

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