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September 20, 2007

Bush is "Cockiest Guy I Ever Met": Mexico's Fox

That cockiness has gotten us into a whole heap of trouble. That's what happens when rich spoiled kids grow up to be President:
George W. Bush "is the cockiest guy I have ever met," former Mexican President Vicente Fox says in an autobiography that pokes fun at the U.S. president's bad Spanish and false cowboy bravado.

Fox, who retired in December after a six-year term, worked closely with Bush on immigration and trade in the pair's first year in office in 2001.

The two leaders referred to each other publicly as "amigos" but their alliance soured after the September 11 attacks turned Washington's attention toward Iraq and Afghanistan and away from Latin America.

Fox, a conservative and a rancher like Bush, says in his book, "Revolution of Hope," that their first meeting in 1996 - when they were both state governors - left a mark.

"My first impression of George W. Bush was one of total self-confidence. He is quite simply the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life," Fox wrote, according to an advance copy of the book.

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