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September 19, 2007

Senate Republicans Give U.S. Troops the Finger

Republicans have been exposed on this one. After putting the Democrats on the defensive for some time with the argument that they are undermining support for the troops, now the show is on the other foot. Our soldiers are being told by this President that they must fight until they either die, are maimed, or lose their minds. It is evil what's going on. Hopefully this time around the Democrats in the Congress will show some intestinal fortitude and fight for our troops the way they fight for our country. Republicans, under the spell of a psycho President, have been exposed:
Senate Republicans blocked a plan on Wednesday to give U.S. troops in Iraq more home leave, defeating a proposal widely seen as the Democrats' best near-term chance to change President George W. Bush's Iraq strategy.

The measure to give troops as much rest time at home as they spent on their most recent tour overseas needed 60 votes to pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate; it received just 56 votes, with 44 against.

It had been offered by Sen. Jim Webb, a decorated Vietnam veteran and former Navy secretary. The Democrat said U.S. troops are being "burned out" by repeated redeployments to Iraq, with tours of up to 15 months and less than a year off in between.

American troops are being sacrificed so that Bush can leave office without having had to retreat. And he don't care how many lives are destroyed.

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