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July 06, 2007

Poll: Few Confident of Border Security

It was the American people who defeated a laughable attempt by the Congress and the President to shove ill conceived immigration reform down our throats. Illegal aliens, drugs, contagious diseases, and terrorists are a serious threat and endanger America's very survival:
The public has little faith the government is adequately screening visitors to the country or could cope with an outbreak of an infectious disease, according to an AP-Ipsos poll.

Only one in five surveyed said the government is doing enough to scrutinize people crossing the border into the U.S., the poll found. Just two in five expressed confidence the government is ready for an epidemic.

It is an outrage that transcends party affiliation:
Some of the harshest critics were people the administration normally would consider allies: Eight in 10 conservatives said the government does not do enough to check visitors, compared with six in 10 liberals. In addition, 87 percent of Republicans were dissatisfied, compared with 73 percent of Democrats.

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