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July 05, 2007

Secrecy Shrouds Accident at Nuclear Plant

Nuclear power is a lemon. The fact that after decades we and the world are still dependent on oil is proof of that. We are currently in a war to protect our oil interests; just ask the Australians. Part of the problem is that one accident can be castastrophic. That is why the nuclear industry and government try to cover up any accidents. It is only a matter of time before there is accident that kills large numbers of people; including while trying to depose of the nuclear waste that takes centuries to stop glowing. Or even worse, a terrorist or psycho decides he wants to attack a nuclear power plant or take hostages. In fact, al Qaeda is known to have considered just such an attack:
A factory that makes uranium fuel for nuclear reactors had a spill so bad that it kept the plant closed for seven months last year and became one of only three incidents in all of 2006 serious enough for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to include in an annual report to Congress. After an investigation, the commission changed the terms of the factory’s license and said that the public had 20 days to request a hearing on the changes.

Where is the government in all this:
[...]But no member of the public ever did. In fact, no member of the public could find out about the changes. The document describing them, including the notice of hearing rights for anyone who felt adversely affected, was stamped “official use only,” meaning that it was not publicly accessible. “Official use only” is a category below “Secret” and, while documents in that category are not technically classified, they are kept from the public.

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