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July 04, 2007

I Fear for My Country

In July of 2001 I argued that we were headed for "disaster" without knowing what would happen 2 months later. In fact, I had been in one of the towers that same month paying off a bill. It is eerie for me today to think that I had some inkling of what would come.

I wrote about Pearl Harbor and how defense spending as percentage of the economy was the lowest since that attack, Sixty plus years ago. I lamented the fact that patriotism was dying, that we had become too complacent as a society. Six years later, tragically, things have become worse. I had thought 9-11 would change things. When in fact, things have become worse. We are a society that has lost its moral bearings. We tolerate fascism in a president, are decadent, and sit around and watch while our society disintegrates.

That is why I believe we are headed for an even greater disaster. This time I'll be more specific. There will be an economic collapse in the next 2 years--made possible by this moron in the White House. We have massive debt and runaway government expenditures that will cripple us. Conflict in the world will spread and escalate, turning into world war. This president has succeeded in antagonizing the world while depleting our resources so that we can no longer deter aggression. China will invade Taiwan, leading to another crisis. But general war in the Middle East is what is the most frightening. And it is the neocons, with their obsession with defending Israel that is the root of the problem. The invasion of Iraq was largely done to serve the interests of the Jewish state, along with gaining access to the oil, of course. Now they are planning to attack Iran. Since there is no debate in America about our blank-check support for Israel, Americans will continue to die in the thousands to defend that country.

Bottomline: we have no control over our government. It is run by the special interest groups, lobbyists. We lost our democracy. Although we realize that government is failing (polls show the approval ratings of this President and Congress in the 20s) us we sit back and allow it to happen. We have become a nation of spectators, watching our rights and freedoms disappear.

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