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June 07, 2007

Shocker: Bush General Opposes Surge

Finally we have a general working for George who has the courage to oppose the crazy strategy being employed in Iraq:
The military buildup in Iraq has a high-profile skeptic in the Bush administration: the Army general President Bush has chosen to manage that war and the one in Afghanistan.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute questioned Bush's strategy of sending thousands more troops into Iraq, a position he was expected to discuss Thursday at his confirmation hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

I don't think this was supposed to become public:
"During the review, I registered concerns that a military 'surge' would likely have only temporary and localized effects unless it were accompanied by counterpart 'surges' by the Iraqi government and the other, nonmilitary agencies of the U.S. government," Lute wrote in a document obtained by The Associated Press.

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