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June 07, 2007

Bush and Putin Duke It Out on the World Stage

It is frightening the problems being unncessarily created through out the world by King George:
At the G-8 summit today, all eyes will be on President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relationship is at an all-time low point.

This morning, Bush, with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at his side, downplayed Russia's threat to turn its missiles toward Europe if the United States went ahead with building a missile defense system.

This idiot should be trying get help from Russia in this fiasco Iraq war, not antogonizing a country that has missiles pointed at the United States:
But a spokesman for Putin said Wednesday night that the U.S. explanation of the missile system was "insufficient."

"The rhetoric out of Moscow is the most alarming rhetoric I can remember in 20 years. It seems as if they want to have a cold war," Michael McFaul, a professor of political science at Stanford University, told ABC News. "Putin rightly understands that the U.S. is weak and discredited around the world, and therefore he can make points if you will on the world stage."

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