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June 05, 2007

Broadcasters Win Expletive Dispute With FCC

Expect to hear the F-word more often, along with more profanity and vulgarity in general. Once again a court decides to side with those poisoning our society:
A court ruling on a new federal policy against the accidental use of profanities on TV and radio may complicate government efforts to impose indecency fines.

"Practically, this makes it difficult to go forward on a lot of the cases that are in front of us," Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin told The Associated Press after the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the FCC on Monday in a case involving two Fox Television shows.

This moron judge would've thrown the government lawyer in jail if he had used the f-word to punctuate every sentence. There is no unlimited right to say anything you want. Especially, when it comes to TV broadcasters whom get licenses obligating them to serve the public interest:
In a majority opinion written by Judge Rosemary Pooler, the appeals court Monday questioned whether the FCC's indecency test could survive First Amendment scrutiny.

"We are sympathetic to the networks' contention that the FCC's indecency test is undefined, indiscernible, inconsistent and consequently unconstitutionally vague," she wrote.

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