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June 16, 2007

General Pace: I Was Forced Out by Bush

The Chinese authorities and western corporations would like us all to believe that they care about workers in that country. Some of us know better. This workers paradise, ironically, is one of the most repressive in the world when it comes to labor. And that's the way big business wants it:
Some also said the same officials now presenting themselves as heroes for rescuing workers had long neglected conditions in the often unlicensed kilns.

The government also makes big productions when it comes to pirating, which is a big problem. The authorities know about the abuse of labor and condone it. It wouldn't be going on in a totalitarian state without government complicity:
For some who were aware of the conditions at the Hongtong kiln, the unfolding details were par for the course in a nation where free-wheeling capitalism and extreme poverty have few limits, despite the ruling Communists' promises of liberation for laborers in a workers' paradise.

Guess who's going to win this argument? The Neocons are, of course:
A debate within the U.S. administration over how to deal with Iran's nuclear program has intensified between those favoring a diplomatic solution and those pushing the option of military strikes, the New York Times reported in Saturday editions.

Citing senior administration officials and people familiar with the discussions, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, the Times said the debate had pitted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice against hawks in Vice President Dick Cheney's office.

How ridiculous. All these U.S. Attorneys are leaving and Gonzalez stays. Has Bush lost his mind? How does he not fire the Attorney General given that this scandal gives the Democrats so much ammunition. This guy is the most pig-headed politician known to America:
A senior Justice Department official who helped carry out the dismissals of federal prosecutors said Friday he is resigning. Mike Elston, chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, is the fifth Justice official to leave after being linked to the dismissals of the prosecutors.

Gonzales' non-removal is in sharp contrast with the firing of a general who was a known Bush lackey:
In his first public comments on the Bush administration's surprise decision to replace him as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Peter Pace disclosed that he had turned down an offer to voluntarily retire rather than be forced out.

You're telling me that the administration cares about what Congress thinks? They don't care that Congress is calling for Gonzales' removal but are sensitive to a "bruising" confirmation hearing for Pace. Bunk! The general is being removed because he opposes war with Iran:
The decision to sideline Pace came as a surprise, since Gates had previously indicated privately that he intended to recommend that the president re-nominate him. In his remarks in Norfolk, Pace confirmed that Gates had told him he preferred to keep him as chairman but in mid-May began to see signs of opposition on Capitol Hill.

When he announced the decision last Friday, Gates said that after consulting with members of the Senate he concluded that sticking with Pace would risk a Senate confirmation struggle focusing on the Iraq War.

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