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June 03, 2007

Amnesty Possible for Iraq Insurgents: US Ambassador

Is there any doubt that the war in Iraq is lost? What was once unthinkable is now close to reality. It is a complete about face for an administration that has repeatedly denounced those that have talked about negotiating an end to the Iraq war:
Washington's ambassador to Iraq hinted Sunday that the United States was open to granting amnesty to former Al-Qaeda insurgents who fought against it in the blood-soaked country.

Isn't it convenient that the arrest of those wannabe JFK terrorists came at the same time this highly controversial amnesty proposal became public:
The number two head of US forces in Iraq, Raymond Odierno, said on Thursday that the US was discussing cease-fires with some Iraqi insurgent groups in an effort to reduce attacks on US and Iraqi government forces.

You say you want further proof that we are losing in Iraq:
At least 14 more American troops were killed in Iraq over the weekend, the military said Sunday, as a former US commander warned victory in the intractable conflict was now beyond reach.

[...]The latest fighting erupted after a former commander of American forces in Iraq, retired army Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, said the United States could no longer win the war and must find a way to stave off defeat.

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