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May 14, 2007

Is the Middle East Headed for Chaos?

This only means more Americans will die:
The Palestinian interior minister quit yesterday in the midst of a sharply deteriorating security situation in the Gaza Strip, prompting officials in the territory to predict worse internal chaos ahead.

Hani Qawasmi attacked both sides in the Hamas-Fatah power-sharing government for hindering his plans to end lawlessness in Gaza. “From the beginning, I faced obstacles that robbed the ministry of its powers and made my position empty without authority,” he said.

The neocons are still trying to bring down the Hamas government:
Two Palestinian gunmen died in Gaza today as fighting flared between Hamas and Fatah, just one day after both factions announced a ceasefire brokered by Egyptian mediators.

The presidential candidates are silent on the chaos, of course:
A strike called by Pakistan’s main opposition parties to protest violence which left at least 39 people dead over the weekend caused heavy disruption in Karachi on Monday.

Local businessmen and eyewitnesses said a large number of shops were closed in the city widely considered Pakistan’s de facto business capital and public transport ground to a halt.

The government had declared Monday as a public holiday in observance of the deaths and, according to Reuters, banned demonstrations in Karachi.

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