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April 30, 2007

Australia, U.S. Behave Tyrannically, says ex-PM

It is pretty shocking when even your allies accuse you of tyranny. When will America realize that we are governed by an "evil" administration:
Australia's government and close ally the United States behaved in a tyrannical way and for "evil purpose" by jailing militants at Guantanamo Bay, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said on Monday.

Are we really a democracy? Or have we come full circle and handed over our liberties to a monarchy:
"The main story is a willingness of two allegedly democratic governments prepared to throw every legal principle out the window and establish a process that we would expect of tyrannical regimes," he said.

"That our own democracies should be prepared to so abandon the rule of law for an expedient and as I believe, evil purpose should greatly disturb all of us."

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