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April 29, 2007

Rice Suggests Former CIA Director's 'Slam Dunk' Comment Was Clear Idea

Tenet tries to absolve himself for 9-11 in his new book. It won't work. He deserves blame along with the Bush gang:
Michael Scheuer, the man who headed the CIA unit responsible for tracking Usama bin Laden criticized his former boss on Sunday, accusing Tenet of trying to blame others and excuse himself for the failings of Sept. 11 and Iraq.

"I think what he's saying is the agency was right, and he didn't have the courage to resign and tell the American people that, which ought to cast doubt on what he said the agency knew and didn't know before 9/11," he said.

Scheuer argues that he should've spoken up sooner:
Writing in Sunday's Washington Post, the one-time head of Tenet's Osama bin Laden unit, Michael Scheuer, said Tenet should have told his story sooner.

"At this late date, the Bush-bashing that Tenet's book will inevitably stir up seems designed to rehabilitate Tenet in his first home, the Democratic Party. He seems to blame the war on everyone but Bush (who gave Tenet the Medal of Freedom) and former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell (who remains the Democrats' ideal Republican)," Scheuer wrote.

Others have spoken out on Tenet's speaking out:
A half-dozen former CIA officers - including counterterrorism experts Larry Johnson and Vince Cannistraro - are urging Tenet to dedicate a significant portion of his royalties to soldiers and families of those killed or wounded in Iraq.

"We agree that the war of choice in Iraq was ill-advised and wrong headed. But your lament that you are a victim in a process you helped direct is self-serving, misleading and, as head of the intelligence community, an admission of failed leadership," they wrote.

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