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May 23, 2007

The Administration Working on a Plan B for Iraq

Talk of a plan b could be just a ruse to fool the American some more about the war. This White House is simply trying to run the clock out. Unfortunately, the Dems fell into the trap and has helped the Bushies with their stalling tactics:
The troop surge has not reached full strength, but the Bush administration has already begun work on a Plan B for after the surge.

In other words the surge has failed:
As Adm. William Fallon, the overall commander for the Middle East, put it, "reconciliation isn't likely in the time we have available."

Plan B is an attempt to put a spin on the war so that It seems like Bush has won:
Right now, Plan B is nothing more than ideas about how the United States could change course in Iraq. But it is a recognition that both political support and the Army are wearing out.

Whose to say the Iraqi government won't collapse no matter what we do:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates hopes to start withdrawing by the end of the year. A complete pullout of troops and equipment would take an estimated 10 months, but would probably trigger the collapse of the Iraqi government.

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