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May 23, 2007

Human Rights 'Eroded Worldwide'

What do you expect when you have a fascist in the White House:
"The politics of fear are fuelling a downward spiral of human rights abuses in which no right is sacrosanct and no person safe," Amnesty International's Secretary General Irene Khan said ahead of the launch of the report.

The West and UN are totally inept in dealing with terror of any kind:
The paper blames the world community for being "weak-willed" in tackling human rights crises in 2006, whether in "forgotten conflicts" in Chechnya and Colombia or "high profiles ones" in the Middle East.

It could be argued the U.S. has become a terror state:
It also criticises the US government for what it said were kidnappings, arbitrary detention, tortures and secrets transfers of terror suspects - the practice known as "extraordinary rendition".

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