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May 20, 2007

Deepwater: Maybe the Worst Scandal of All

Leave it to 60 Minutes to bring to public awareness shocking examples of government incompetence. The Deepwater scandal could be the worst case of all involving this administration. What makes it so bad is that the public knows very little about it. This case further demonstrates starkly the ineptitude and lack of concern for national security of the Bush presidency:
“Here it goes to the national security of this country,” Rep. Cummings says. “That's serious business. Particularly after 9/11. And so, you know, it pains me. It really does.”

Asked if he thinks the Coast Guard in worse shape now than it was before it began Deepwater, the congressman tells Kroft, “They say they're not. But I think they are.”

As bad as it gets:
Asked how serious these communications problems were, Rep. Cummings tells Kroft, “Very serious. Very serious. ... What happens is if you don't do the wiring in a certain way countries like Cuba can eavesdrop on our communications. ... I mean, secret communications. I mean, and that's not good.”

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