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April 09, 2007

Protests Mark Iraq Anniversary

U.S. says North Korea may not meet nuclear deadline:
The top U.S. negotiator on North Korea's nuclear program said on Monday that it was becoming difficult for Pyongyang to meet a mid-April deadline to close a nuclear reactor, but Washington would not accept a partial shutdown.

Sudan likely to resist U.S. pressure on Darfur:
Sudan is unlikely to ease its opposition to the deployment of U.N. troops in Darfur this week when a top U.S. official visits, but there are signs it may be flexible on boosting African troops in the troubled region.

Pakistani clerics want minister sacked for hug:
The chief of a radical mosque in the Pakistani capital has issued a decree calling on the government to sack a woman minister after a photograph was published showing her hugging a foreign man.

Hope lies in Courts:
For more than three weeks after Menu Foods received complaints about pets being sickened by some of its products, the firm continued to market millions of cans and pouches of deadly food.

Google bows to China portal Sohu's apology demand:
Google Inc., which is seeking to broaden its presence in China, on Monday apologized to Internet users and Sohu.com Inc., one of the country's major Web portals for using third-party technology in its latest product rollout.

Sohu.com said an investigation by its technicians found a method of typing in Chinese characters released by Google in China last week had copied a product by Sohu.

Gas powers discuss cartel, but soothe consumer fears:
Leading gas powers discussed on Monday the idea of transforming their benign grouping into an OPEC-style cartel, but sought to reassure consumer nations that it was business as usual for now.

Host nation Qatar, home to the world's third largest gas reserves, rejected the idea of a cartel and insisted the Gas Exporting Countries Forum would work to keep producers and consumers happy.

WP: Bush renews efforts on immigration:
President Bush will relaunch his push for an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws Monday in Arizona, with a fresh speech on the border and a new congressional leadership that is friendlier to his views.

WP: The House rediscovers housing:
During the 12 years that Republicans ran the House, their leaders didn't pay much attention to affordable-housing activists. But now that Democrats took over the House in November, their leaders are affordable-housing activists.

Democrats Seek to Lead the Way in Tax Overhaul:
House Democratic leaders, in an effort to upstage Republicans on the issue of tax cuts, are preparing legislation that would permanently shield all but the very richest taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax, which is likely to affect tens of millions of families as early as next year if it is left unchanged.

Protests mark Iraq anniversary:
Hundreds of thousands of Shia protesters have burned and trampled on US flags in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf during an anti-American rally called by Muqtada al-Sadr, a prominent Shia cleric.

The rally coincided with the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad - the day when US-led forces symbolically pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein.

Kid 'I.D. Thief' In $1M Stock Crock:
A recent college grad made a killing by electronically looting $1.6 million from wealthy New Yorkers' bank accounts and buying penny stocks that he already owned - sending his portfolio through the roof, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Bush Knew About Kerik Past: Report:
Red flags about Bernard Kerik's checkered past were brushed aside by the White House in 2004 so that President Bush could make a political splash by nominating the 9/11 hero to be the next Homeland Security chief, according to a new report.

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