Daily Revolt

March 13, 2007


There is something terribly wrong with our society (including all modern democracies). The kind of depravity that exists is the worst I've seen in my lifetime. Twisted acts of sexual violence, or just non political violence, have become almost commonplace. And, of course, the media covers every gruesome detail. And we are so corrupt that we don't even realize it. That is a classic sign of nation headed towards abyss:
A man was sentenced to 10 years and one month in federal prison for using an infant from his wife's home-based day care in a sexually explicit Internet broadcast, prosecutors said.

Donald Witt, 51, of Kettering, a Dayton suburb, also was sentenced Monday to 10 years' supervised release and ordered to register as a sexual offender.

In March 2004, Witt held the 4-month-old girl in front of his Web cam and removed her diaper, U.S. Attorney Gregory Lockhart said in a news release.

That not sick enough:
The mother of a "pretty little girl" who police say was tortured and murdered by her father and stepmother still doesn't know her daughter is dead, officials said.

Four-year-old Summer Lytle apparently drowned in a bathtub Saturday night, where her spiteful stepmother left her sitting alone in urine-stained clothing while she went into the kitchen to cook the girl's father an anniversary dinner, court documents said.[...]According to the documents, the child also had injuries from beatings with belts and spoons and had human bite marks on her body, and her death ended a pattern of abuse that included a dog's shock collar and burns to her face, the court documents said.

Or how about a little Britney:
So while friends and family are rooting for a recovery for the rehab resident, celeb snipers are at war bidding for pics of Brit’s rear in the raw.

With a minimum price tag of $150,000, the photos of the pre-rehab pop princess were taken on Feb. 12 at a New York nightclub, where Spears stripped down with two of the club’s dancers.

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