Daily Revolt

March 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Right-wing Conspiracy is Back

With polls showing Obama catching up and criticism increasing, Hillary has decided bring old her old dusty conspiracy theory lines from Bill's presidency. It worked back then why not try it again. Sounds like a desperate move to me:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday described past Republican political malfeasance in New Hampshire as evidence of a "vast, right-wing conspiracy." Clinton's barbed comments revived a term she coined for the partisan plotting during her husband's presidential tenure and echoed remarks she made last weekend in New Hampshire, which holds the nation's first primary.

Her rhetorical red meat to a sympathetic audience of Democratic municipal officials comes as Clinton courts New Hampshire voters and squeezes donors for dollars ahead of a March 31 fundraising report deadline. She also continues to face criticism from the party's liberal base for her failure to repudiate her vote authorizing military force in Iraq.

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