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January 05, 2008

At Dems Dinner, Clinton's Performance is Lackluster while Obama Remains Strong

ABC Blogs:
ABC News' Eloise Harper and Sunlen Miller report: Senator Clinton just took the stage in a large auditorium for the 100 Club Dinner in the Hampshire Dome in Milford, NH. Clinton launched a new slogan with a sign that just says READY. The change message that Clinton has been driving hard was tampered down in this speech – and instead Clinton focused on being "ready to make the changes that America deserves," and on a "new beginning."

Clinton was serious and was clearly trying to drive her message of seriousness and strength. Some boo's were audible from the crowd at times during her speech from Obama supporters and people were chanting "O-BAMA." Three thousand people packed the auditorium and it seems like there are many more Obama supporters than Clinton supporters.

It was not Clinton's best performance.

Clinton went after Senator Obama's healthcare plan (not by name) saying "there are some who say we can’t cover everyone its too politically ambitious its controversial – they offer instead virtual healthcare – well I believe we have to cover everyone and I am not going to leave anyone out."

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