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January 14, 2008

Hillary Campaign Smearing Obama...Again

The Clintons' are playing dirty again. They had Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, smearing Obama with references to his drug use. Morning Joe did a great job in exposing Johnson's lame attempt at trying to defuse the issue. They played the tape that clearly makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Illionois Senator's drug use during his youth. It doesn't wash that the Billionaire backer of Hillary claims he didn't besmirch Obama. It is clear that the Clinton campaign will continue it's rough tactics directed at their main opponent for the nomination.

Bush has not given up his plans to attack Iran. During his visit to Israel he, along with the Prime Minister, tried to outdo each other in seeing who could be tougher on the "axis of evil" country. The disgraced President is totally dismissive of the NIE report. Although, it did slow down his timetable for military action against Iran. The President was ostensibly making a trip to the Middle East to promote peace. He is in fact doing the opposite.

Rudy's campaign has gotten so bad that he is asking for prayers. He is obviously watching the surge of John McCain's campaign (pardon the pun). He might want to pull a Hillary, and shed a few tears. Terrel Owens' cried after his team's defeat Sunday, a sign of what could be the norm from now for famous people wanting sympathy? So, If prayer doesn't work for the Giuliani he might want to get misty-eyed just before the Florida primary.

Republicans are fond of calling for tax cuts. They might want to look at Canada which faces it's first deficits in over a decade.

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