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January 13, 2008

Angry Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press

A combative Hillary Clinton appeared on Meet The Press (read the transcript here) this week. She even brought along her cackle. Repeatedly she interrupted the host, Tim Russert, and even accused him of being "unfair" and "mischaracterization" of her views. All the while she attacked Obama's invoking of MLKjr., which has offended some. The NY Senator kept coming back to the same idea: Obama is unfit for the Presidency. She also attacked the Illinois Senator's flip-flop on the war in Iraq. Russert juxtaposed videos of Hillary and quotes from Obama to suggest She was wrong on the war. Ms.Clinton dismissed the implication.

The message that she is more qualified to be President worked for her in New Hampshire. Will it work for the rest of the campaign. It seems at this point the new defiant Hillary is feeling confident, if her arrogance is any indication.

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