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January 04, 2008

Bush, Forgotten Man of 2008

He didn't even campaign for the candidates:
Everybody’s thoughts may be on Iowa, so maybe it is appropriate to spare one for George W. Bush, entering the last year of his presidency. In so doing, there is no reason to be charitable.

Some friends have invested in calendars that number the days left to him. They relish the countdown, even as their fingers remain crossed. The more earnest elements of the American press have already begun the interminable process of calculating his legacy. It would be nice to think the articles will be short, but they will not be.

With the obvious caveat that any president has the unilateral power to declare war or peace, I take the view that Number 43 will be the forgotten man of 2008, still there in his White House bubble but incapable or unwilling to exert much influence on the affairs of his nation or the world.

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