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December 10, 2007

CNN, CBS Polls: Huckabee Tied with Giuliani

Despite the negative reports on Huckabee, his poll numbers are consistently on the rise, spectacularly. According to CNN, He is statistically tied with Rudolph Giuliani nationally. On the Democratic side, Hillary continues to drop like a rock, meaning Obama is within striking range (40 to 30 percent). Also benefiting, Romney. Apparently his speech on faith has helped him. He is now in third place (16 percent) nationally.

A CBS/NY Times poll has similar results. They have Huckabee and Giuliani tied. Unlike the CNN poll, they have Clinton still with a substantial lead over Obama of 44 to 27 percent. The CBS poll also shows Romney with a jump in the national into third place (16 percent, as well). Ironically, those polled overwhelmingly thought Giuliani was the most electable.

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