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November 07, 2007

Kathleen Willey: Clintons Murdered my Husband

The American people have not been told the truth about how evil the Clintons are:
Kathleen Willey suggests in a new book that the former First Couple could have been involved in her husband Ed's death.

Willey, a former White House aide, alleges a campaign of slander and intimidation has been waged against her by Hillary since she made the sex assault allegations.

[...]The most damaging allegation concerns the apparent suicide of her husband Ed in 1993.

He died from a gunshot wound to the head on the day Willey claimed she was sexually assaulted by Clinton in the Oval Office.

Willey insists her husband's death was murder and not suicide.

In an interview published on a US news website to coincide with the book's publication she says she has "suspicions" the Clintons were involved.

Asked by a reporter from World Net Daily if the Clintons were involved in her husband's death she replied: "I do have my suspicions. Yes."

[...]Willey also claims the Clintons were behind a burglary at her home in Virginia four months ago when she says thieves tried to steal the manuscript of the book after excerpts were serialised in a magazine.

Willey, 57, was working as a volunteer in the White House when she said Clinton assaulted her.

According to Willey, during a meeting in the private study off the Oval Office, Clinton embraced her, kissed her on the mouth and fondled her breast. She also claimed he placed her hand on his crotch.

Willey never gave evidence to a Clinton's impeachment trial after some members of the House and Senate refused to allow her to testify.

[...]Willey claims in her book that the autopsy on her husband failed to show it was suicide.

She says the coroner told her he died from a shot fired by a right-handed person, while her husband was left-handed.

Proof that the White House tried to discredit Willey:
On March 29, 2000, as part of Judicial Watch’s Filegate Case, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled President Clinton committed a crime in violating the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey by obtaining and then releasing information from her Privacy Act-protected personnel file to admittedly destroy her reputation.

The case was appealed. On May 26, 2000, the D.C. Circuit Court let stand two early court rulings:

1) The Privacy Act applies to the White House.
2) Bill Clinton and his aides violated the Privacy Act when they authorized the release of her letters from government files.

If she wasn't telling the truth then why try to talk her out of telling her story:
A major Democratic Party donor had Kathleen Willey, a key witness in the White House sex scandal, flown to his private estate where he encouraged her to change her story, Newsweek magazine reported Sunday.

According to the magazine, FBI agents working for special prosecutor Kenneth Starr found that a real estate firm owned by Nathan Landow chartered a small plane to take Willey from her Virginia home Oct. 6 to his home in Maryland.

That was two months after Willey was subpoenaed in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case against President Clinton. Both Willey and Jones have sworn that Clinton made improper sexual advances to them, charges the president denied.

What was the motive for his murder:
Willey writes that after her husband's death, her friend Carole in Colorado told her something she had not known. Ed had confided to Carole's husband that he had taken a briefcase full of cash to Little Rock, Ark., during the presidential campaign.

Willey said she was shocked but acknowledged her husband could have done it. Later she found a reference on a blog that explored illegal fundraising activities by the Clintons and noted Ed Willey was known for "handling large briefcases full of cash" as part of the 1992 presidential campaign.

She speculates: "I have no idea how anyone other than the Clintons would know that Ed might have carried cash in briefcases. So why would he be killed? Because he was carrying illegal money? That's probably not enough reason. But what if, in his desperation, Ed had 'illegally borrowed' from the campaign?"

"When I asked if the burns were indicative of a left-handed person committing suicide, [the examiner] said no. The room started to spin, and I went into the bathroom and threw up. By the time she sent me the full report, though, she'd reconsidered, saying it could be consistent with a left-handed person. She suggested that he held the gun with both hands but pulled the trigger with his right. That's exactly how Vince Foster is said to have killed himself."

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