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November 06, 2007

House Avoids Cheney Impeachment Debate

The Democrats once again fail to do the right thing, and Republicans just smirk:
House Democrats on Tuesday narrowly managed to avert a bruising debate on a proposal to impeach Dick Cheney after Republicans, in a surprise maneuver, voted in favor of taking up the measure.

Republicans, changing course midway through a vote, tried to force Democrats into a debate on the resolution sponsored by longshot presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

The anti-war Ohio Democrat, in his resolution, accused Cheney of purposely leading the country into war against Iraq and manipulating intelligence about Iraq's ties with al Qaeda.

They are also caving on the Mukasey confirmation:
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-8 Tuesday to advance Attorney General-designate Michael Mukasey's nomination, virtually ensuring confirmation for a former judge ensnarled in a bitter controversy over waterboarding.

[...]Mukasey is expected to easily win confirmation by the full Senate, probably as soon as next week.

Mukasey lost support of most of the Democrats on the committee who initially favored him after he said he didn't know enough about waterboarding to say if it was torture and against U.S. and international law[...]

Although, it seems that Dems have finally stood up to Bush, and his fellow warmongers, by refusing to give the President more money for that fiasco in Iraq:
House and Senate negotiators approved a $459 billion military spending bill on Tuesday, but rejected a Republican bid to provide $70 billion more to continue fighting the war in Iraq without any restrictions.

Senior Democratic lawmakers said they would provide less money for the war, for a shorter time, with certain restrictions that are to be decided in the next few days.

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