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November 30, 2007

Bush Demands Congress Fund Pentagon Before Christmas

Who does this guy think he is? He talks to Congress as if they worked for him. It is indeed frightening to think that this character is still President for 1 more year:
President Bush on Thursday called on Congress to approve billions of dollars in additional funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before lawmakers leave for their Christmas break.

He said the Army will have to shut down bases and start furloughing between 100,000 and 200,000 civilian workers by mid-February if Congress does not clear the funds.

"Pentagon officials have warned Congress that the continued delay in funding our troops will soon begin to have a damaging impact on the operations of this department," Bush said Thursday. "The warning has been laid out for the United States Congress to hear."

[...] A $50 billion war spending bill, which would have required U.S. troops to begin leaving Iraq within 30 days, passed the House but stalled last week in the Senate -- with Republicans balking at the withdrawal provision.

Speaking at the Pentagon, Bush called on Congress to approve the funds "without strings and without delay."

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