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November 28, 2007

Youtube Republican Presidential Debate Winner

Read my analysis of the debate or read the transcript.

The first question of the evening on immigration was directed at Giuliani. Total disaster for him. His attack on Romney was mocked and booed by the audience. At one point the jeers forced him to stop so that another question could be answered. He was put on the defensive for his supposed "sanctuary city" policies while mayor of New York.

Mitt Romney was the most impressive on most topics. Even on the question of his flip-flop on abortion, he came out relatively unscathed. Mike Huckabee did very little to enhance the impressive progress he's made in the polls. He faltered badly on the immigration issue. He almost sounded like a Democrat in defending his record. He did very little to bolster his Conservative credentials.

John McCain, with an occasional impassioned position on the Iraq war, was unimpressive. He sounded like a candidate who's time has come and gone. His attack on Ron Paul was a mistake. The Senator accused the upstart Congressman from Texas of being an appeaser for his opposition to the Iraq war. His best moment, and Romney's worst, was when he put the former Massachusetts governor on the defensive on the issue of torture.

On the issue of illegal immigration Romney has a very strong hand and played it very well. It is clearly his biggest issue.

Apart from his humorous one-liners, Thompson was almost irrelevant to the debate. Why is he running again?

Giuliani stumbled badly on the immigration issue, but was persuasive in describing his overall record as Mayor. He might not have hurt himself in the debate, although he was booed repeatedly during the debate. This is surprising since he is ahead in the polls in Florida. This guaranteed that he did not win the debate.

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