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May 18, 2007

Immigration Legislation Ignores Wishes of the American People

Why the rush to pass immigration legislation without debate? And how is that both parties, including the president, left and right, support the legislation and the people don't? The reason is immigration has become a hot potato. Both parties want to sweep the issue under the rug. And since the people are not demanding their government do their bidding, the politicians will ignore us:
Senate negotiators from both parties announced Thursday that they had reached agreement on a comprehensive immigration bill that would offer legal status to most of the nation’s 12 million illegal immigrants while also toughening border security.

Its all about playing the political game, at the expense of our country:
At the heart of the bill is a significant political trade-off. Democrats got a legalization program, which they have sought for many years. Republicans got a new “merit-based system of immigration,” intended to make the United States more competitive in a global economy.

But the politics of the deal are precarious. Democrats are already trying to tamp down concerns of Hispanic groups, who fear that the bill would make it more difficult for immigrants to bring relatives from abroad. At the same time, Republican negotiators face blistering criticism from some conservatives, who say the bill would grant a virtual amnesty to people who had broken the law.

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