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April 01, 2007

Former Top Bush Aide: I've Lost Faith in the President

Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President:
A top strategist for the Texas Democrats who was disappointed by the Bill Clinton years, Mr. Dowd was impressed by the pledge of Mr. Bush, then governor of Texas, to bring a spirit of cooperation to Washington. He switched parties, joined Mr. Bush’s political brain trust and dedicated the next six years to getting him to the Oval Office and keeping him there. In 2004, he was appointed the president’s chief campaign strategist...Looking back, Mr. Dowd now says his faith in Mr. Bush was misplaced.

Small blasts rock British embassy in Iran:
Several small blasts rocked the British embassy in Iran and smoke rose from inside the compound in central Tehran on Sunday during a protest over 15 detained sailors and marines, but no one was hurt.

Britain studying Iran standoff options:
Britain examined options Sunday for new dialogue with Tehran over the seized crew of 15 sailors and marines, as a poll suggested most Britons back the government's goal of resolving the standoff through diplomacy.

Pope celebrates Palm Sunday Mass:
Pope Benedict XVI, in his Palm Sunday Mass, opened the Roman Catholic Church's most solemn week by urging young people to live pure, innocent lives.

Iraq to compensate Arabs to leave Kirkuk:
Iraq's cabinet has decided to pay compensation to Arab families forced by Saddam Hussein to move to Kirkuk if they leave the northern oil-rich city voluntarily, government sources said on Saturday.

Half U.S. troop reinforcements now in Iraq: military:
About half of the nearly 30,000 additional U.S. troops being sent to Iraq in a new effort to stabilize the country have now been deployed, a senior U.S. military official said on Sunday.

Global warming could bring hunger, melt Himalayas:
Global warming could cause more hunger in Africa and melt most Himalayan glaciers by the 2030s, according to a draft U.N. report due on Friday which also warns that the poorest nations are likely to suffer most.

Bush again pushes 3 nominees seen as pro-industry:
The president could skirt the Senate by using recess appointments...The White House has renominated three people for top jobs affecting the environment who were previously blocked in Congress because of their pro-industry views.

Fighting rages in Somali capital:
Mortar rounds hit central Mogadishu as fighting between Ethiopian troops and rebels continues in Somalia's capital.

4 Dead in Beijing Olympic Subway Cave-In:
The bodies of three workers who apparently suffocated after the tunnel collapse had been recovered by Sunday, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

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