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December 17, 2007

Desperate Hillary Appears on FOX and Cackles

Hillary appeared on FOX this morning on a network the Democrats consider an arch enemy. Why? She is desperate. How desperate? She had never been on in its entire 11-year history, eventhough she's been a New York Senator for most of that time. Unfortunately she brought her cackle with her. Thanks to Hot Air for providing the video. She couldn't help herself. Apparently the cackle seems to be nervous laughter. It comes out everytime she is in a setting where she feels threatened by the interviewer.

With criticism from Democratic blogs like Daily Kos, Hillary needs to worry. She has turned people off with her cackles, her dirty political tricks, and her calculating personality:

Let me give a little insight about Hillary Clinton. She is the media established candidate; the big defender of corporations; the candidate who plants questions in campaign events, the candidate who leads by polls and not principles, the candidate who has nothing to run on but her husband’s accomplishment, the candidate with the highest unfavorable rating in the history of the Democratic party; the Hawk; the candidate who voted for the Iraq war; the candidate who said we should only talk to our friends; the candidate who leads in negative campaigning and said attacking other Democrats is the fun part of it; the candidate who until this moment has no real plan on how he will ensure that retiring Iowans have social security and the candidate who most recently gave George W. Bush a blank check to go to war with Iran.

[...]With all this differences that are contrary to the average caucus attendee in Iowa, how could the Des Moines Register do this to the people of Iowa? Their argument is that she is the candidate with the most experience in the field. But is this really true?
The answer is big fat NO. If this democratic nomination has to be decided on experience, then it should go to Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich Barack Obama, John Edward, in that order. These candidates have served in elected office far longer than Hillary Clinton. For one, Joe Biden has the most knowledge and experience when it comes to foreign policy. Even then, experience is just one ingredient to good leadership. Most people will argue that Judgment is far more important than experience. One reason for this is because there is the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience. On this take Hillary Clinton looses to judgment too, she voted for the Iraq war and voted to give George Bush a blank check to attack Iran.

So, on what bases did the Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary Clinton? The answer is , many calls from the Clinton surrogates and multiple calls and sweet words from King Clinton to the almost all female board members.

Tell the Des Moines Register board that they are wrong.

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