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December 16, 2007

Des Moines Register Endorses Hillary Clinton

Obviously they haven't been following the campaign all that closely:
The choice, then, comes down to preparedness: Who is best prepared to confront the enormous challenges the nation faces — from ending the Iraq war to shoring up America’s middle class to confronting global climate change?

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.

That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We need a president candidate to move the country forward by moving us backwards (maintaining the status quo). She has shown herself the least likely to end the war in Iraq, and would probably get us into another war with Iran. She would shore up the Middle Class by supporting trade policies that have destroyed that same Middle Class (i.e., NAFTA, outsourcing):
Can she inspire the nation? Clinton is still criticized in some quarters as being too guarded and calculating. (As president, when she makes a mistake, she should just say so.)

Indeed, Obama, her chief rival, inspired our imaginations. But it was Clinton who inspired our confidence. Each time we met, she impressed us with her knowledge and her competence.

The times demand results. We believe as president she’ll do what she’s always done in her life: Throw herself into the job and work hard. We believe Hillary Rodham Clinton can do great things for our country.

You cannot be serious. She can't run a campaign, how can she run a country. If elected President she would devide our country just as Bush and hubby did. Let me remind you that King George also had a reputation for working with Democrats as Governor of Texas. We don't have to worry about that, she won't be elected President.

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