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November 15, 2007

Las Vegas Democratic Presidential Debate Winner

This is my analysis of the debate or read the transcript

The CNN debate started with Clinton and Obama going at each on health care for several minutes with Wolf Blitzer allowing himself being overrun. It was a fiasco in the beginning.

Edwards continued his attack on Hillary from the last debate. He is sounding desperate and angry. I don't think he is resonating, except to bring down Hillary's poll numbers. In fact Blitzer made that very point. Christopher Dodd has been on Edward's case lately. He points out, probably referring to Edwards, that we must stop sounding shrill and come together as a party.

Edwards made a comment about planting questions in answering a Blitzer question on whether he would support the Democratic nominee if weren't himself. That did not go well; no laughter.

Obama gave a good response on the question of illegal immigration, until he defended his record of supporting licenses for illegal aliens while a State Senator in Illinois. He drew laughter when he said he would not propose driver's licenses for illegals. Blitzer ridiculed Obama's non yes or no answer. A very bad moment for Obama. It will be interesting how the press covers this moment. Hillary said no, a total flip-flop.

Edwards gave a convoluted answer on the Pakistan mess. Obama gave a much better answer. He is sounding the most presidential of all the candidates, including Hillary. His answers are not pre-digested pablum you hear from Hillary. She gave a shrill response that didn't amount to anything, but still got applause.

Obama gave another thoughtful response when answering a question on the situation in Iraq. He once again sounded impressive and presidential.

Dennis Kucinich went after Edwards on his record on China trade. Once again the Senator was attacked by another candidate debating tonight. He still sounds angry and petty.

Wolf Blitzer got loud laughter when he asked Hillary whether she NAFTA was a mistake. She said that all she remembered was a bunch of charts. Nevertheless, she got applause on her non-answer. Wolf pressed her on given a yes or no answer. She still got applause by saying that NAFTA was mistake in part. Obama says he supports the Peru trade agreement, but opposes the others. He got big applause for his answer on trade. Obama gives the best answer again. It seems he is growing in confidence as a presidential candidate. He is my clear winner of this debate.

The audience gives Hillary the biggest applause. Is it because she is way ahead in Nevada or is the audience planted. She particularly got big applause when she answered the question on the criticism that she is using the gender card. Her answer sounded very rehearsed. She was really looking forward to answering this question. Edwards got booed when he gave a rebuttal to Hillary's answer. Will this pro-Hillary crowd impact public opinion nationwide?

The most powerful moment was the soldier who was introduced as having served 3 tours of duty in Iraq. He spoke, and his mother, he came out against any potential war with Iran. Her question was very poignant. Hillary once again used the expression "rush to war." What does this mean? Sounds like she is trying to have it both ways. Edwards once again the used the term "neocon" in referring to their plans on Iran. Obama made a indirect attack on Hillary's vote on Iran, and calling some of their forces terrorist organization. He argued, correctly, that the vote would give Bush a green light on Iraq and Iran.

The most explosive moment during the debate was when Obama went after Hillary on Social Security. The New York Senator seemed to hold her own. Obama sounded very tough.

It was Obama's night, despite the gaffe on driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Hillary did not hurt herself tonight. Edwards did very little to help himself.

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