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October 30, 2007

Philadelphia MSNBC Democratic Presidential Debate Winner

Debate recap: [Read Transcript]

- Russert asked Hillary about her doubletalk on social security. Hillary responded by making the incredible statement that the idea that social security was in trouble was a "Republican talking point." Obama jumped all over her flip-flop, along with Edwards.

- Edwards took the gloves off when asks the question who raised the most money from Washington lobbyists, referring to Hillary. He mocks her assertion that she is the candidate of change. He accuses her of neocon positions on a potential war with Iran and her vote on the Iran admendment, which all agree gives Bush the legal basis to start a war with Iran. He used strong language to condemn the Bush administration. Edwards says the American people deserve the "truth", implying Hillary is lying and engaging in "doubletalk."

- Most candidates denounced her vote on the Iran amendment.

- Edwards was impassioned and powerful.

- Kucinich calls for impeachment of Bush

- Barack Obama is essentially lackluster.

- Hillary made another incredible gaffe by defending and then distancing herself from the NY Governor's decision to give illegal aliens drivers licenses. Edwards and Obama ridiculed her flip flop. Russert had to ask her the question twice in disbelief.

- Richardson seems to be running for Vice President when he defended Hillary from Edwards criticsm.

- Edwards gave the best answer on a healthcare question given to the moderators by a audience member.

- The MSNBC analysis: Howard Fineman and Chris Mathews blasted Hillary's evasive answers. Chuck Todd says he saw Hillary cracking.

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