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October 09, 2007

Michigan Debate Winner: Mitt Romney Makes Gaffe

Mitt Romney made a big gaffe tonight by suggesting that he "would sit with down his lawyers" to determine whether to take military action against Iran. Ron Paul was totally derisive of the Romney response. He said that it was unconstitutional to attack Iran without Congressional support.All the other candidates argued for a presidential right to do that which is the best interest of the American people, and Congressional support should be requested as circumstances require.

Paul's impassioned comments about another war involving Iran was impressive.

Senator Brownback made an excellent argument for the division of Iraq along a federalistic type of government. He argues that this would provide the political framework for bringing peace to Iraq. He referred to Senator Biden, the originator of the idea. Of course, the other candidates didn't have much to say in agreement.

Mitt Romney was asked about the hypocrisy of supporting farms subsidies while mouthing platitudes about free markets. His answer was convoluted.

Brownback was ridiculous with his optimism about America argument: "this place rocks." He's obviously not talked to real American lately. Polls show a public that is pessimistic about America's future.

Tom Tancredo surprisingly railed against the Bush administration's trade policies, that undermine our national sovereignty.

The biggest laugh of the night went to Fred Thompson, to end the debate. He seemed comfortable throughout the debate.

Giuliani and Romney tangled on the question of the line item veto and taxes. Rudolph loves confrontation, and self promotion.

McCain almost disappeared during the second half of the debate. He took his usual both sides of the issue line, and got plenty of applause.

There was no clear winner during this debate. It will be interesting to see if Romney hurt himself because his lawyer comment.

Read the debate transcript here...

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