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March 05, 2007

Witness Slams 'Nightmares' of Army Medical System

Walter Reed is only the tip of the iceberg:
Witnesses told a House panel Monday that wounded U.S. soldiers are forced to struggle against a nightmarish and untrustworthy Army medical system which leaves veterans stranded in unfit conditions.

What does it say about America? We ask young men and women to sacrifice their lives for our country and we treat like cannon fodder:
"This is how we treat our soldiers -- we give them nothing," she said. "They're good enough to go and sacrifice their life, and we give them nothing. You need to fix the system."

Did I say it was the tip of the iceberg:
But we also realize that not only is it flat wrong, that's the tip of the iceberg," said Tierney, a Massachusetts Democrat. "For too many occasions, the soldiers at Walter Reed wait months, if not years, in sort of a limbo. And they must navigate through broken administrative processes and layers upon layers of bureaucracy to get their basic tasks accomplished."

What these clown politicians don't mention is that they didn't pay attention to the issue until the press broke the story.

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